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BoomEssays Review

With so many writing services available, knowing which one to choose can seem daunting and risky. Boomessays is not only reliable but is a fantastic writing service provider. Whether you need help writing an essay, dissertation, copywriting or even proofreading, then Boomessays is well worth considering. Review
Boomessays offers services for students all the way from high school to doctoral levels of education. Their services are fast, reliable and affordable, as is evident from their great reviews. With highly qualified writers helping you, Boomessays ensures that only high-quality, original papers are produced.

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Pros Of Using Boomessays

One of the most impressive aspects of Boomessay’s services is the high caliber of their writers. The company only employs writers who are native American or English speakers. This means that the written work produced is grammatically correct and written to a high standard. Furthermore, Boomessay’s writers are all highly educated and have experience in a wide range of areas, ensuring that when you purchase their services, you are more likely to get an expert in the field writing your paper.

Another fantastic aspect of the services provided are the low prices. Boomessays offer affordable prices for their services, which are cheaper the further in advance they are ordered. Crucially, this makes the service more accessible for students of all economic backgrounds.

The quality of the papers produced is excellent. The writers are able to write highly detailed essays, which are not only grammatically correct, but well-structured and referenced correctly. Moreover, Boomessays ensure that citations are completed according to your specific referencing style requirements and are even able to provide a bibliography, title page and correct formatting. Most reassuring of all is their plagiarism report which ensures that all work is original and authentic.

The deadlines available from Boomessays vary from 14 days to 3 hours and essays are always completed within the set time-frame and delivered by the deadline. In the unlikely situation that you are unsatisfied with the service you receive, Boomessays have a transparent money back guarantee policy that entitles you to a full refund, providing no writer has yet been assigned to you. Their customer service is brilliant, making it easy to contact the company regarding any issues or concerns you may have, ensuring any problems are dealt with swiftly and professionally.

Cons Of Using Boomessays

As with any company however, Boomessays does have some areas which could be improved. If you want more tailored services, including premium writers or proofreading to be completed by an editor, then you need to pay extra for these. These extras can be requested during the ordering process itself.

Currently Boomessays doesn’t have a mobile application, which can limit how you access their services. However, most students seem to prefer using the desktop application, which is very accessible. Whilst Boomessays is able to offer services for a wide range of subjects, there are some which they do not cover, including medicine, surgery and criminology. This is in part due to the fact that if a customer misuses any of the research material used for their essays it has the potential to lead to a false or unearned degree, which is particularly problematic in these subject areas.

Customer Feedback

“I really like the essay and couldn’t do it better on my own.” Gaetan, Canada

“Boomessays is good, they always do work on time and never rejected when I asked for a revision, even if it was because I forgot to mention something in the task. Great guys.” Lana, UAE

“Fixed the structure for me and made an outline for another paper from what have been cut from the original text. Amazing!” Auguste, Australia

“Everything was done on time, the guys made the necessary research to make some posts read relevant again and even took the website’s design into account. Well done!” Marty, US

“Thanks to the BoomEssays team for turning my outline-ish sketch into a great scientific paper perfectly adjusted to the APA format. Free features like bibliography and plagiarism report make this experience even more exciting. I’m your loyal client from now on.” Mary, US

“I’ve split my bunch of content for copywriting among several writing services and I must say Boomessays is my favorite. They work smoothly, intensively and productively. I received my order strictly on the appointed time while another service got ahead of the schedule, but the texts from Boomessays were polished and ready to use for my purposes, while others required a bit of editing.” Harley, Canada


If you’re looking for a writing service that you can be confident will deliver not only excellent essays or research papers, but also work which is original and fully checked for plagiarism, then Boomessays is the service to use. Their highly skilled writers produce work which is well written and they closely follow all requirements.

Boomessay’s services are delivered on time, at affordable prices and cover a wide range of topics and subjects. Moreover, the company create great quality essays and papers for students at various levels of education. If you need support with your writing, then look no further than Boomessays.

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PaperFellows Review

Paperfellows is a universal academic writing resource for students and professionals who need assistance with their writing projects. They complete writing-based assignments and write across a large range of subjects. Review
They are a well-established company that has been producing high level academic work for a number of years. They work with writers from a variety of industries and backgrounds, and only employ writers who graduated at the top of the class in their subjects. They are a 24-hour service, meaning that you can send a paper writing request at any time of day. They complete regular and urgent requests.

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The Pros

Quality – Paper fellows only uses information from academic sources so that the work the customer receives is high-quality and reliable. Their expert writers are professionals both in their industries and in academic writing, all papers are originally written and robust plagiarism checkers are firmly in place.

Deadlines – As far as I can tell, Paper fellows has never missed a deadline. They are highly professional and reliable, and all orders are completed strictly within the agreed time limit. However, their service works with writers who operate at all hours, even short notice or urgent deadlines can be easily met.

Writers – Working with Paper Fellows guarantees you an expert. Based in America their writers are native English speakers who have a huge sum of academic and writing knowledge between them. They are not only talented; they are incredibly hard working and dedicated.

Cheap Prices– Their prices are highly competitive compared to that of other writing services. Prices start at $12.99 per page which is very incredibly cheap given that the work is written by an industry-respected professional who would normally charge triple this amount if you were to approach them privately.

Refund Policy – Paper Fellows is dedicated to producing great work, however if you do find yourself unsatisfied with their service, they have a straightforward and transparent complaints refund pathway. They have a revision policy, so they are happy to correct any elements of the work that your unhappy with.

The Cons

Extra Fees – If you want extras, or to be guaranteed that your paper is written by the highest accredited writer of their team, then be prepared to pay more. Also, if you want a more bespoke and prioritised level of customer service you will have to pay extra as well.

Urgent Deadlines Must be Realistic – Yes, there is no option for an entire rewrite within 6 hours after receiving the work – or within 24 hours for the larger more complex tasks. So, if you want to resubmit the work for a re-write, or have a very complicated paper request, I suggest ordering it as early as possible.

Not all Subjects are Covered – Although the options at Paper fellows are exhaustive, not all subjects are covered, or may be partially covered. For example, they do not cover all subjects in medicine, papers for surgery are unavailable due to the practical nature of the course. However, Paper Fellows are able to proofread or re-write any of your original work.

Customer Feedback

“Beautifully done and intricate work as always! Extremely prompt delivery. My paper was done and submitted in less time than I asked for. PaperFellows has some extremely talented and skilled writers. Will not go anywhere else.”

“My first-time using writing services and very impressed with their prompt responses and re-write as per my request. I got my papers on time and good quality. I would recommend them.”

“Brilliant customer service, excellent writers, good portal to communicate directly with writers to have your feedback and request improvement.”

“Awesome service! The deadline specified was two weeks but the paper was done in 3 days. I enjoyed reading it because everything was straight to the point.”

“My professor kept giving me negative feedback, so I employed this service to tackle the paper just so I could see another experienced writer’s approach. I got a rough draft timely, and the writer responded right away to my feedback. My final draft arrived today, and I am much more confident going into the final research paper. I am pleased and will use PaperFellows again if the need arises.”


Whether your request is urgent, complicated or your just in need of a proofreading service or a rewrite – then PaperFellows is a great choice for students. Despite some negatives, such as extra fees and some number of subjects that cannot be covered, PaperFellows offers a good range of services and more competitive prices than most.

They have a great team of writers that leave their customers satisfied. They work with their customers to make sure they have the best experience possible. With years of industry experience and tons of happy customers, you can rest assured that they will produce high quality work at the lowest possible cost.

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GradeOnFire Review

Grade on fire is a reliable and trustworthy academic writing service that gives professional writing assistance to students of all levels. They have many features to their service, and lots of extras for customers to choose from. Review
If you need your work to be proofread, re-written or composed from scratch then this service is an option worth considering. They have a dedicated team available 24/7 so you can reach out for help any time of day or night.

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They work with expert writers in a number of different industries that will produce academic quality work.

The Pros

Quality – Grade on Fire has a large team of professionals that work together to provide an excellent customer service experience. Their customer advisors are knowledgeable experts that are happy to answer any questions. The work is proofread, subject to anti-plagiarism checks and sources used are academic and reliable.

Deadlines – As far as deadlines go, Grade on Fire never misses a beat. Customer report receiving work ahead of the agreed deadline in most cases, and if anything happens where your deadline isn’t met (which is highly unlikely) customer protection measures are in place so you won’t be greatly affected.

Writers – Their service is based in America, and all of their writers are native English speakers, which protects you from receiving shoddy or unintelligible work. They only work with experts in their field who graduated at the top of their class, so you can expect A+ quality work.

Cheap Prices – Their prices are more than reasonable for the quality of work that is received. The basic prices start with a 2-week deadline and increase by only a little depending on how soon you need the work. They have excellent customer discounts and free extras.

Refund Policy – Grade on Fire operates a robust refund policy. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your work they are eager to help. They offer full or partial refunds depending on the circumstances. All of their refund policies are clearly detailed and available on their website.

The Cons

Extra Fees – Although Grade on fire offers lots of free extras, there are some additional features that will cost you a little more. However, this is routine practice with writing services. Expect to pay more for more urgent tasks. However, their extra proofreading services are actually one of the cheapest.

Urgent Deadlines Must be Realistic – If you want to return work within 6 hours of receiving, then you will have to wait a little. You must allow a similar amount of time for re-writes as you would for the original order, however since orders are usually delivered way before deadline this usually is not a problem.

Not all Subjects are Covered – Some subjects are difficult to cover due to the nature of the course. For example, they do not cover all medicine subjects especially surgery. But you would be hard pressed to find an online writing service that covers such a niche and hands on subject. But experts in medicine are available to proofread.

Customer Feedback

“They worked beyond my expectations, giving me important suggestions. The best thing they have is an excellent customer service which I found very rarely in Europe.”

“The writer and support team were quite responsive and attentive. If you need help from a professional for your academic writing, you can contact them.”

“The writer was willing to revise papers in a timely manner; Customer service went above and beyond for my assignments”

“All the calculations were correct and the final conclusions were the same. High quality for great value. I am sure that this will not be the last time my cooperation with GradeOnFire will be fruitful”

“My book report and a final essay all for a very cheap price. The results were brilliant. Nonetheless, I had my doubts at first, but none of them were confirmed in the end. I can’t thank them enough”

“I really enjoyed reading the work they produced. The experts gave me a unique perspective on the work that I had been assigned and I would have never approached it that way. Needless to say, my professors were very impressed’”


GradeonFire had some of the best customer service feedback reviews found online. They operate a legitimate service that appears to stop at nothing to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Any problems are resolved instantly and with little to no negative implications on the part of the customer. Their free extras are very attractive and help them stand out above all other writing services.

GradeonFire comes high recommended if you are stuck with your work, or have limited time to conduct independent study. They are open 24/7 and their work is available for purchase in a number of different currencies, making ordering with them easy and straightforward for the customer.

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Academized Review

An updated Academized review from a different perspective.

So many students nowadays are struggling with busy schedules and a ton of work. While this is good for building their responsibility and work habits, it can also be a bit overwhelming, especially if the student has a job. This means that there is no room for fun. What’s more, because of so many things on their to-do lists, students often forget certain tasks, essays especially.

These can be tedious and boring to write but they also have a huge impact on the professors and the final grade.

This is why essay writing g services exist – namely, Academized essay writing service. Review

Academized is an essay writing service dedicated to helping students with their essays and various types of paper writing services. They strive to provide affordable quality and make sure that the students receive good grades.

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However, just like any service, they have some pros and some cons:


High-quality papers

This essay writing service creates truly great papers. They make sure that the papers follow high standards by checking them thoroughly with a team of expert editors and proofreaders, checking for plagiarism and checking all of the sources in the essay. Their quality has been confirmed many times by loyal users.


When on a tight deadline, it’s best to have a reliable partner like They value your time and they are always there to handle your papers. If you need a great essay but don’t have much time, this service will deliver on any reasonable deadline. Students have received their essay in eight or ten hours but you can expect the best value for money in 24 hours.

Top essay writers

Writers in this service are highly educated experts who love what they are doing. They are all native English speakers – as you will be able to see in their work – who take their work really seriously. Their writers are experts in various niches ranging from mathematics to languages and they can help you with any kind of essay. As a bonus, you can chat with them and check on their progress as they write your essay.

Cheap prices

Out of all essay writing services out there, this one probably takes the award of being among the most affordable ones. The prices are very reasonable. Considering that their main customers are students, prices are extremely good, especially if you are on a tight budget or if you want to save some money but still get excellent service.

Loyal refund policy

One of the best things about Academized is that it has a consistent refund policy. This way, you can always be sure that you’ll get real quality. Even though the quality of the work they provide is high, they offer the refund if not satisfied because they know how important security and quality are to students, especially if they don’t have a lot of money to spend.


No free additional services

One of the cons most people mention when it comes to Academized are extra fees but these only happen when you order extra services.

No super urgent tasks

Another commonly noticed con is that they can’t deliver a paper in less than 6 hours. But if you want quality, you shouldn’t expect them to.

Cannot cover all subjects

If a customer misuses the research material from these subjects, it can lead to them having a fake degree which is inherently wrong.

Academized customers reviews

Most of the online feedback from the website and the third party sites are positive.

People often say that this essay writing service can write any kind of academic paper, even a resume or CV which is great. Students also often thank this service because they are finally able to relax a little bit, especially those who are writing a dissertation.

People are also commonly mentioning how their professors are happy with their essays and how they got great grades. They also praise this essay writing service for helping them with hard subjects like statistics and math and writing essays on other difficult subjects.

Here are some of the most prominent reviews:

“Excellent work. Easy to use and had the best price. Was in hours before expected. Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful.”says Jackson, US, A Senior.

“Our science teacher loves tests just as much as he fails at creating them. I feel like an underpaid detective when trying to unravel what exactly is being asked in a question. Now that I delegated this task to Academized I feel much happier. Sometimes they don’t get it all right too, but generally, my grades are good.”Yorda, Frystown, PA, US, High School.

When you are in need of a reliable assistant in your essay writing, Academized is definitely the way to go. It is an excellent essay writing service which provides high-quality papers created by native English expert writers, edited and plagiarism checked. It’s also very affordable for students and it delivers right on time or sooner. Of course, if you are looking for a service that can give you an essay within less than 6 hours, it’s hardly possible but if you are looking for quality, you’ll find this service helpful.