About Us

The written world surrounds us in our everyday lives, no matter who we are or want we do. This is a special concept that drives us forward and has been our passion for decades. We understand that the written word is more important than ever before.

Welcome to AcademAdvisor!

My name is Freddie Tubbs, chief editor of AcademAdvisor. For the past 8 years, I’ve been a teacher, educator and a lecturer in literature and philosophy. As you can see, the written word has been at the core of every aspect of my life, in everything that I’ve done and will do. During this time, I’ve never found a place that writers and writing students can come together to explore their ideas and concepts while having the opportunity to learn, expand our techniques or share ideas. That’s why I’ve created AcademAdvisor.

With the help of my best friends, Tammie Warner and Caroline Edwards, we’ve come together to create this blog. Backed by our vast and expansive history the writing industry that can help us to pull people like you together, expanding our community to be one of the best.

We’ll be covering all aspects of language, sharing with you tips and advice on how to improve your writing skills, techniques for growing your vocabulary and as well as exploring a range of subjects and topics that you want to talk about. AcademAdvisor is all about having the freedom and the place to discuss what you want to talk about, giving writers of all ages and experiences a place to call home.

Despite our small team, we’ve got big dreams, and we’d love you to get involved. No matter what generation you’re from, if you’re looking for education and inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

Thank you for reading us!